Summer Beard tips.


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Not everyone loves summer but the reality is it is inevitable. This is the hottest season of the year. It might sound silly but having a beard during this period needs a lot Vertigo Beard Oil of preparation. I am going to take you through some of the realities of having a beard during this period and some of the grooming techniques you need to mind.You need to develop a cleansing habit. During hot weather your beard will definitely get all sweaty.This will end up causing irritation on your skin and it may be very difficult to resist the scratching. Scrubbing and cleaning your beard every morning will remove any dirt and grime that was hidden in it. This will reduce the itchiness and to you will touch your beard less and so it will remain neat throughout your day.  Summer is a season of intense sweating. When you sweat,your body becomes dehydrated. Just like your body,your beard also needs nutrients for it to stay healthy. Water contains the necessary nutrients for all the body hairs to remain strong and healthy. So it is very important to stay hydrated during this period.Your beard oil also plays a vital role during this period. Not all oil is perfect for all weather. Summer weather needs a type of oil that does not react with sweat.You will need to get a refreshing,lighter, minty alternative oil (we suggest Synful Beard Oil) .You also need to protect yourself. Just like the skin is usually protected by sunscreen the beard is no exception. Prolong exposure to sunlight will cause your facial hair to become brittle. If the sun is very hot,it is always advisable to massage some beard butter  through your beard that can offer conditioning properties. It does not hurt to visit your barber at least once to trim your beard and also exfoliate underneath it. Every moment you sweat the top of your skin is covered with salts. Most people try to take care of this simply by taking a shower. What they do not know is a shower is not 100% efficient. What you need to do is get your hands on some premium Beard Wash.  A good quality beard wash is made with oils, it will not only clean your beard but will condition your beard as well. Once you decide to grow a beard during summer or any other time of the year,you need to realize that it would need your attention at least every day. This is not an easy process or journey but after a few weeks you will get accustomed to it. It is important to  maintain a clean and healthy beard especially during summer. You need to be prepared  mentally. If you are able to take care of it and maintain this will automatically result in you being a more responsible person and gain respect in the society at large.

What You Need to Take Care of Your Beard

What You Need to Take Care of Your Beard: 4 Great Beard Supplies To Tame the Beast.


In case you missed it, beards are officially back! It doesn’t matter if you’re a hipster, a programmer or a genuine lumberjack, beards are a thing for everyone these days. And to make it easier for you, there is a whole science to facilitate your grooming of the best beard you could possibly grow.

New and effective treatments are widely available for beards and seem to be dominating men’s beauty, along with many products to help you with better beard care. Anyone can grow a beard but some of these products really do create brilliant beards that are sure to impress.

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to do more than deciding not to shave anymore to end up with a great beard that gets you all the right kind of attention from ladies. Tragically, in the world we live in, it requires more than plain old will to obtain a well-groomed beard. Beard grooming is an important undertaking, but once you figure out the right products, it could be a fairly easy process to maintain an attractive beard.

To help you get right into it, we’ve rounded up some of the best beard products you’d need to create the ultimate grooming experience and keep your beard in tip-top condition. So, keep reading beard enthusiasts and go on and snag these products to transform your beard.

Your 4-Part Beard Care Toolkit


A Decent Beard Wash & Conditioner

Getting the dirt out your beard doesn’t have to be difficult. Similar with other swatches of hair on the body, you need to cleanse your beard regular and a good beard wash helps you do just that. Formulated specially for your face, with less sensitive ingredients that leave your face feeling cool and refreshed, a beard wash can be used as regularly as needed.

For extra flair, you can combine beard wash with a nice conditioner to increase and help retain moisturize depending on your beard texture. Just lather, rinse, repeat and see how your hairs soften and shine with each wash.


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A Good Beard Balm

It’s likely that a rinseable conditioner won’t hold the moisture in your wild locks to keep it tame throughout the day. That’s where you’d find a beard balm most useful. A good beard balm will act as a leave-in conditioner, deeply moisturizing your facial hair and leaving the strands hydrated and without frizz.


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Synful Beard Balm, $16.99,



A Dash of Beard Oil


Don’t be deceived by the ‘oil’ aspect of beard oils, these oils won’t cause your locks to be greasy. Rather, they’d do the opposite if you use them correctly. A few drops will go a long way, regardless of your beard length. Apply sparingly after a wash and watch your beard immediately feel moisturized, less patchy and nicer to touch.


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A wooden Beard Comb

Try not to let tangles leave you feeling defeated about growing a nice beard. While it may appear to be an overkill to have a separate comb just for your beard, combing it out after a wash and applying oils is very effective for proper beard care. It helps disseminate those oils throughout the hair and stretches out your beard to allow you go through it with ease.


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